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Where is the big Buddha Phuket

Phuket, known primarily for its sun-soaked beaches and vibrant nightlife, hides a spiritual gem atop the Nakkerd Hill. That’s the Big Buddha, a majestic structure paying homage to the rich Buddhist culture of Thailand. But where exactly is this magnificent statue, and what makes it so special?

Phuket’s Iconic Landmark

The history behind the statue

Born from an idea in 2002, the Big Buddha has since become a testament to the local community’s dedication. Standing at 45 meters tall, it’s not just its size but the devotion behind its creation that resonates with visitors.

Detail Description
Location Nakkerd Hill between Chalong and Kata
Height 45 meters
Construction Reinforced concrete with Burmese white jade marble finish
Visibility Visible from distant parts of Phuket
Best Time to Visit Early mornings or late afternoons
Nearby Attractions Temples, local eateries, souvenir shops

Architectural magnificence

Constructed with reinforced concrete and adorned with beautiful Burmese white jade marble, the statue shines under the sun, making it visible even from distant parts of Phuket.

Finding the Big Buddha

Location specifics

Located on the Nakkerd Hill between Chalong and Kata, the Big Buddha is comfortably nestled amidst lush greenery, overlooking the town below.

Reaching there: Different routes

Most visitors opt for a tuk-tuk or taxi. While driving, you’d come across winding roads, and as you ascend, the views become increasingly breathtaking.

Experiencing the Site

Big Buddha, Phuket

Best time to visit

Early mornings or late afternoons are ideal. Not only can you escape the midday sun, but these times also offer a tranquil ambiance perfect for introspection.

What to expect

A spiritual haven. Chants, bells, and the calm breeze combine to provide a deeply meditative experience. And oh, don’t forget the smaller golden statue, which is equally captivating!

Dos and Don’ts

Remember, it’s a religious site. Dress modestly, act respectfully, and embrace the serenity.

The View from the Top

Overlooking Phuket

The panoramic view is astounding. From the shimmering beaches to the sprawling town below, it’s a visual treat!

Spiritual and peaceful environment

Many find solace here. The towering Buddha, amidst the vastness of nature, often makes one introspect, feeling connected to something much larger than oneself.

Nearby Attractions

Temples and local sites

Apart from the Big Buddha, the area boasts of temples and smaller shrines, each with its own story.

Eateries and shopping

After a spiritual journey, why not indulge in some local Thai cuisine? Or pick up a souvenir?

The Big Buddha isn’t just a statue; it’s an experience. Whether you’re seeking spiritual enlightenment or simply a great view, this landmark delivers. So, when in Phuket, make sure this awe-inspiring site is on your list.


  1. Is there an entrance fee?
    No, the Big Buddha is free to visit. However, donations are welcomed.
  2. How long should I plan to spend there?
    Ideally, 1-2 hours should suffice to soak in the environment and explore.
  3. Can I visit during evenings?
    The site is open until late, but it’s best experienced in daylight.
  4. Are there guides available?
    There are no official guides, but information boards and locals are helpful.
  5. Is it wheelchair accessible?
    While the main areas are, some parts might be challenging due to the terrain.
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