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When is rainy season in Phuket Thailand

Phuket, the shimmering gem of Thailand, is a destination frequented by travelers worldwide. But when is it raining cats and dogs? Well, let’s dive in!

The Beauty of Phuket’s Seasons

Like many tropical destinations, Phuket has its seasonal variations. While some people might imagine a constant sunny beach paradise, there’s a rhythm to nature that locals and frequent visitors understand well.

High Season vs. Low Season

Generally, high season, when the most tourists visit, coincides with drier months. Contrarily, the low season, often less crowded, aligns with the rainy period. But is one truly better than the other? The answer lies in your preferences!

Why Phuket’s Rainy Season is Unique

Phuket’s rainy season has its own charm. The greenery becomes more lush, waterfalls fill to the brim, and the island gains a renewed vibrancy.

The Rainy Season Detailed

Month Average Rainfall (mm)
January 30
February 20
March 40
April 120
May 300
June 210
July 290
August 270
September 400
October 280
November 175
December 50

Typically, the rainy season in Phuket spans from May to October. It’s part of the Southwest Monsoon. However, don’t imagine it as incessant downpours. Instead, there are often short, heavy showers, followed by sunshine.

What to Expect During the Rainy Months

While mornings might start clear, by afternoon or evening, the clouds may gather. Rainstorms, though intense, are often brief. Occasionally, there might be longer drizzles, especially in September.

Activities to Do in the Rain

Ever tried a spa day while it’s raining outside? Or how about sipping a warm drink at a cozy cafe, listening to raindrops? There’s plenty to do, even when it’s wet.

Advantages of Visiting During Rainy Season

For one, fewer tourists mean more solitude. Accommodation rates dip, and you’ll get to see a different, raw side of Phuket. Plus, the nature! Imagine witnessing a tropical rainstorm from the comfort of your beachfront villa.

Precautions to Take During the Wet Months

 rainy season in Phuket Thailand
Rainy season in Phuket Thailand


If you’re renting a vehicle, be cautious on the roads. Slippery streets require more careful driving. Local taxis are familiar with the conditions, so consider them if you’re not confident.


Sea conditions can be rougher, so always heed local advice if planning to swim or dive.

Health Precautions

Damp conditions can breed mosquitoes. Remember your repellents and stay protected.

The rainy season in Phuket isn’t just about rain; it’s about experiencing the island in its natural rhythm. As the locals say, it’s not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.


  • When does the rainy season in Phuket typically start and end?
    • It usually begins in May and ends in October.
  • Are attractions open during the rainy season?
    • Yes, many attractions remain open, though some water activities might be restricted due to safety concerns.
  • Is it safe to swim in the sea during the rainy season?
    • Always consult local advice. Sometimes, the sea can be rough due to storms.
  • Is accommodation cheaper during the rainy season?
    • Often, yes. You can find some great deals during these months.
  • Does it rain all day during the rainy season?
    • No, typically there are short, heavy showers, but it can vary.
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